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A.b. Violet – Ice

You gotta love the crystalline and sharp atmosphere of the new release from England based multitalent A.b. Violet. Being all about empowerment, “Ice” takes place in a captivating wide atmosphere. Once you enter the scene, you’re guided by melodic enchanting vocals which are reflected by invisible walls to form an almost mystical appearance.

One of the things I love most about the song is the atmospheric feel it creates. With the usage of intelligent processing of every single track, the tune feels fragile at first, yet quickly evolves into a confident message that refuses to deliver with too much energy or pressure. The soft and defensive vocals serve as a dreamy “tourguide” through this floaty emotional scenery, while you’re riding on a slow wave of rhythmical groove, soft well-rounded synth textures and some defensive handmade elements woven in the track.

Having a look at the other tunes of the upcoming album “ELEMENCE”, especially “These Other Things“, this crystalline floating groove atmosphere is the signature element of A.b. Violet. In this environment everything falls in place. There’s always this heartbeat-ish groove along emotional and soulful melodies to find. Garnered with some extraordinary elements, like processed vocals in “Merry Go Round“, the album will be a musical universe on its own, waiting to be fully explored by the listener.

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