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This Week: 1/2022

Happy new year, everybody! Here you go, ten of the best tracks I stumbled upon this week!

> Sternenton: Never Gona Loose

Uplifting drive and energy with some new year-ready electro groove.

> Elliot Wren: Time Bomb

Powerful pop song with a strong story presented with a signature vulnerability.

> Jessica Smucker: Dinosaurs

Heartfelt emotional tune with a playful groove and positive vibes.

> Julia Westlin: Mirror

Crystalline vibes in a fragile and defensive atmosphere.

> Modern Culture, Seina, Lottie: Sofia

Soft and groove-loaded slow pop mover.

> Simone Nicole: Divine

Lush, intriguing and mysterious. Extraordinary funky pop tune.

> Westrin & Mowry: Life Moves Pretty Fast, Vol. 1

Awesome cover versions with a crisp and energetic aura.

> Anindya Mukherjee: Begin Again

Uplifting energetic piano pop for every situation.

> Purple Witch of Culver: Seven of Wands

Laid back addictive alt rock groove with dreamy textures.

> Neon Fields: Meant to Be

Emotional supercharger with drive and tension.

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