This Week: 51/2021

Check out the best tracks I stumbled upon this week!

> Steve Kroeger, Liam Geddes: Scars

Emotional groove that builds into an epic atmosphere.

> Asylum Sisters: 1800-PARANOIA

Intriguing gritty and driving dark alternative electro wave sound.

> Teeniest: A Hand to Hold Forever

Lush and mellow genre-blending pop tune.

> Heather Sarona: For Me

An emotional soul-caressing slow singer-songwriter ballad.

> Nares: Boulevards

Mysterious pop with a lush and emotional soft approach and a heavy hit.

> Palma Ada: Potion

Haunting mysterious groove with a lush undertone.

> Jason Justly: Little Sparrow

Soul-soothing soft pop with an uplifting aura.

> Aminta Skye: Ring Around the Sun

Slow pop vibe with a ton of heart and soul included.

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