&Tilly – Impress

I love the cold, reflective atmosphere that is created by the new release of Tilly and Vii, the Slovakian poetic indie duo known as &Tilly. From the first seconds on, you know that there are dark vibes lurking in the shadows around you. With dark textured synths and a very methodical rhythmic core, ‘Impress’ feels very honest and truthful, but also really relentless and driving. Yet there’s no brute force involved, its more like water flowing down the river bed. Steady, but unstoppable.

In this dark environment, the crisp vocals feel somewhat fragile, yet also perfectly adapted to the environment. Floating around in the void, blended with mysterious and almost haunted vocal one-shots and harmonies, the vocals exist in this scenery, mocking today’s Instagram ‘fame’ and fake lives involved. And they do so with both a playful AND a repelling undertone, which is the key element for making this tune so addictive.

In my opinion, the track is a perfect picture of what socials mean to us nowadays. Well, I can only talk from MY point of view, and it’s like a love/hate relationship. There’s curiosity, fun, necessity, disgust, ridiculousness and plain hate, everything mixed into a cold yet familiar moodset. See? Exactly what “Impress” does. Yet the tune does so with a methodical groove and lush melodies to tell its story in a signature way that’ll instantly stick to you.

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