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Mark Hamilton, Jan Gałach – Hurt

With an intense message, the new release of Mark Hamilton is a tribute on Johnny Cash’s original song, grabbing the listener not only by the hand, but by the soul as well to let them feel the thoughts and feelings behind the tune.

Using a sensitive approach during verses, and unexpected energetic outbursts during the chorus parts, the track switches gears seamlessly to alternate between the soft and understanding (or even giving in) side of things, and the urgency and intensity of the topic. Coming along is a carefully crafted video that is really successful in making the viewer reflect. This isn’t an ordinary happy pop song. This is music that is meant to trigger feelings, that wants the listener to let it all out, that wants to show each and everyone out there that whatever their struggles are, they are not alone with them.

It’s exactly this kind of music that creates goosebumps, folks. It means something, and its meaning is growing beyond the notes and melodies. You cannot tell the story like this if you aren’t familiar with every nuance of it. “Hurt” is crafted with a unreal amount of detail, but you need to listen closely and open your mind for this.

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