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Freya Arde – Moon Window

What starts fragile and crystalline, similar to a young and blooming flower in spring, slowly awakens to a full and wide atmospheric landscape. The new release of german composer/instrumentalist Freya Arde contains a lot of texture, not only regarding melody and melodic structure, but also in form of nuanced feelings. And the quite minimal set of instruments enhances the experience with a certain majestic and sharp focus component.

Regarding moodset, I simply love the melody of this track. There’s a certain melancholy present in “Moon Window” that is mixed with a signature styled curiosity. The melodies feel like the thoughts of an old being looking back on what has been, remembering the early days. I love this unique sophisticated aura of the tune. The track has nothing to prove here, the melodies are transmitting honesty and a somewhat familiar vibe that connects old and new, past and present – at least for me it does. Like an abstract piece of art, the tune serves as a door opener for your imagination and offers a wide emotional array for interpretation.

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