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SYKE – Waste My Time

Being an anthem to sexual, personal, and cultural liberation, this track of LA based multitalent SYKE, which was released back in July, puts a unique flavored kind of retrolectro into these days. I instantly fell in love with those creamy and ravishing synth textures that feel energetic yet unobtrusive, connected to a certain vintage undertone. Along a smooth rhythm set, the track is a dance-ready pop track that has a striking soft yet driving appeal and will turn a lot of listeners out there into SYKOs. (The words of the artist, not mine – yet I love it!)

And this is just the instrumental side of things. With the jaw-dropping vocals of the talented vocalist, the track gets a huge load of emotion added. The song holds a very sophisticated balance between melancholy and uplifting positivity, because the soft and pristine voice of SYKE tells the story in a signature styled way that just feels honest and real, and therefore instantly connects.

Overall, “Waste My Time” builds an atmosphere that feels retro AND futuristic, melancholic AND uplifting, defensive AND powerful. In the end, it’s this versatility that makes me play the tune on repeat. And if you can’t get enough of this summer vibe flooding your room, make sure to check out the recently released Truthless Remix which guarantees even more danceable energy!

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