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Kristiana Roemer – Break It To Me

Done with a special kind of lightweight and tango-ish approach, the new track of Kristiana Roemer along Christopher Pellnat glows mysteriously in your headphones.

Backed by a defensive guitar/bass/percussion setting, those awesome vocals of Roemer seem to be made exactly for this song. Taking its time, the track has a certain… groove attached to it. I recognized that ‘groove’ in several other tracks of multitalent Pellnat before, he always manages to get his signature style in his creations (which is essential for any musician out there in my opinion).  Also, there are many little things happening  “in the back”, be it a wooden percussion or the backing vocals of Pellnat himself. Using additional unusual instruments in the production (is that a Marimba in there?)  is also one of the signature moves of Pellnat.

“Break It To Me” lets you swing along the vocals, which are done with an outstanding vibe and, like I said before, fit the scenery perfectly. Plus the song is perfect to stick with you instantly, I found myself humming the melody while brushing my teeth in the bathroom, with my wife asking “hey, sounds interesting. What song is this?” NOW she knows. And now YOU know as well.

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Florian Maier

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