Underduck – Bob Dylan and I

You gotta love this easy-going, swingy, genre-defying anthem. The new release of Canadian multitalent Underduck has a rare vibe attached. And while it’s almost impossible to put a tag on it, I’ll try it anyway.

With a bag full of elements that are spanning at least a dozen genre-typical drawers, “Bob Dylan and I” creates a puzzling atmosphere that feels unique and smooth, with a quirky undertone. It’s one of these tunes you instantly ask Alexa “hey, what’s the name of THIS song?!” Around every other bar, there’s something unique and unexpected happening. Harmonized vocals, processed one-shots, chopped synths, distorted rhythm track, you name it. And above all there’s this voice that somehow feels very soothing and calming, functioning as a guide to drag you through this maze of sound and vibe.

I love the carefree approach of the track. Mixed with lyrics that might as well be poetry, the song has this certain youthful sassy appeal, knocking on the doors of the industry, introducing itself like “hello, it’s me, your new genre. I’m called ‘Indieduck’. Nice to meet you.”

In the words of the artist: “Leave your paranoia at the door and enjoy the ride.” My thoughts exactly. Life’s too short for regulated linear pop hits. We need music like this.

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