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Citizen of the World – Forward

The new single of Australian indie pop band Citizen of the World contains a very uplifting and positive element. Being about friendship and the necessity to move forward in life, the tune injects a signature kind of positive brightness that is desperately needed when times get rough.

I love the energy-enriched groove happening in this tune. With clear and straightforward vocals along a bright set-up that contains even piano and string tracks, the tune feels like a vaction of melancholy and negative thoughts. Those plucked melodies feel free and fresh, and those soulful vocals transmit this undeniable feeling that everything will be alright in the end. (Oh, and as a drummer, I HAVE TO mention the masterful rhythm section there as well. Groove 101, folks.)

In everything regarding music, it’s always important to tell a story, and to involve feelings while doing so. This is exactly what those guys did here. “Forward” is a tune that takes you by the hand and let’s you know that things are going to be good.

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