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Jenny Kern – Build a Bridge

Taken from the EP “Jenny Kern” released in April 2019, the slow ballad “Build a Bridge” is a perfect and beautiful environment, floating the room with emotion, desire and passion.

Backed by a defensive melodic base with a guitar, a very defensive synth and a minimal rhythm, Kern delivers her plea for building a bridge. With a soft but also designated voice, the singer/songwriter manages to get the lyrics through without being melodramatic or sounding hurt, it feels like she is at a point where it’s time to talk without fighting. It’s awesome how she manages to pack all the statements in there without any accusations. In situations where people get hurt on several levels, often times the ones involved tend to take a side and get hurtful or end up being hurt (yes, even in the process of writing songs). But the New York-based singer-songwriter manages to handle this topic on neutral ground. (On a side note, I guess politics would work way better if they were done more… Kern-ish.)

The soft atmosphere of the song creates a real warm comfort zone and enables the listener to think, without taking too much attention away from the message. This atmosphere seems to be the signature style of Kern, hearing other work available on Soundcloud, I figured that she often uses the wide-spaced atmospheric environments to put the spotlight on those lush and passionate vocals. With the ability to present any topic in that signature-styled fashion, there’s no doubt in my mind that, although she’s not new in the business, she has just started her musical journey. And luckily for us avid music fans, she’ll go far.

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