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This Week: 48/2021

Make sure to check out these awesome tracks I stumbled upon this week!

> Abi Mia: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Time for some uplifting energetic dance pop, guys!

> Morningless: Beautiful

Upbeat, emotional and positive. Perfect to start the day with.

> Sidus: Dark Flames

Energetic dark pressurized rock atmosphere to dive in.

> Katherine Nagy: Snow Day

Switching gears to get into the holiday mood with some emotional feelgood ballad of singer/songwriter Katherine Nagy!

> Motherland: Waiting

Alt rocking northeast UK groove with an energetic uplifting base.

> Drumtap: Time

You gotta love the groove and rhythmic flow happening in this lush flowing electro piece!

> Walk Then Dance: Keep It Sharp

Slow grooving retrolectro from Scotland, with a vintage smooth aura.

> Dalia Lily: Hear Me

A wake-up call with emotional intensity and a strong message.

> Julia & David: Times Like These (cover)

Sorry, Foo Fighters – this version is better. Must-listen acoustic cover of the 2002 classic!

> Gard Read: All We Can Do

Soulful and emotional dream pop tune with an energetic twist.

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