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New Wolves – A Modern Debt – Radio Edit

With a unique warm and retro-flavored atmosphere, the new release of the three-piece band New Wolves has a certain melancholic undertone that feels like the warmth under a cozy blanket. For this tune, they teamed up with Indie-folk artist Flo who enriched the tune with her soulful and mesmerizing vocals.

A defensive and steady rhythm sets the tone in addition with unobtrusive melodies that fill the room with a signature-styled dreamy vibe. In this scenario, the vocals feel at ease and relaxed, and “A Modern Debt” gets this slight creamy groove that feels very natural. And it’s this natural groove that attracts me most in this track. The track feels as if it was in a state between dream and reality, between melancholy and positivity, and between melody and groove. And this mixture creates an awesome piece to close your eyes to.

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