The blog’s makeover

Hey guys,
during the next days, I’m rolling out a fresh-face-and-advertising campaign which will affect several parts of the kms reviews blog. You might already have noticed several slight adjustments to visuals, especially the main logo and the two curated spotify playlists, and I’m creating several campaigns to advertise the blog, the spotify playlists and the YouTube channel. Also I just introduced a new section called ‘This Week’ which you’ll find in the news section and over the main menu. The ‘In Scope’ was hibernating for several months and therefore removed from the blog’s content.

This ‘unrest’ happening around the blog might be a tiny bit annoying here and there, yet I want to work hard on increasing the reach of the blog to get the awesome work of all those gifted musicians out there some extra exposure.

By the way, any help will be greatly appreciated! Be active, like the posts on social media, share, follow and listen to the Spotify playlists, comment, spread the word, or even buy me a coffee on Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Be safe,

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