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Paul Terry – Memento Mori (Chromogenic Phase)

Lights out while listening, folks. This track needs your full attention as it builds an awesome atmosphere. With seemingly minimal components placed in a dark and endless void, the track is a perfect storyteller when it comes to describing the scenery it takes place in.

Taken from the album “Hidden Valley Place (Original Soundtrack)”, this track builds a very dense atmosphere, with only flickering lights present along a cold and unfriendly environment. The interpretations of the sound are limitless. Melancholic dark thoughts? A journey you never wanted to embark on? Loneliness creeping in the shadows? Whatever your mind interprets out of this track, it serves as a catalyst to make the sound feelable. A slow and defensive piano along soundscaping deep synths and reverbed accents do their best to describe a certain place (or state of mind) in which the listener has a hard time breathing because he/she is afraid to be discovered. I love the crystalline fragility that is somewhat consumed by the dark. It’s music like this that causes goosebumps by triggering emotions.

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