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Julian Rybarski – Jolly Good

There is a certain retro-melancholy to find in the newest release of German multitalent Julian Rybarski. It’s hard to put the finger on, there’s something woven into the tune that triggers feelings like the mighty famous tune of Urge Overkill did back in 1992.

“Jolly Good” tells the story with a certain vintage-flavored groove made of guitar, bass and an unobtrusive ryhthm section. The true soul of the song is added by the vocals though. Those are not just placed on top of the backing mix, somehow these vocals rather feel like they are exploring the melodies like a fish does swimming through the deep sea plants at the bottom of the ocean.

There’s a certain playful aspect present within the whole song construct, and it’s always garnered with emotion and soul. The video created by visual artist Johannes Schebler is the icing of the cake, so to speak. While the track does its thing, there’s another awesome layer of storytelling added with seemingly minimal forms and movement. Overall, this track is a wholesome experience not only injecting groove, but also entertaining the mind at the same time.

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