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This Week: 47/2021

Check out ten of the best tracks I stumbled upon this week!

> Jacqueline Loor: Show Them

Jackie Loor just released her new music video of the pop song “Show Them”.

> LukkoSulaa: You Sound Like A Waltz

With a unique sound set, this pop track from 2020 has a mysterious glowing appeal.

> The Western Ghats: Kitabon (Live)

Emotional rock with a special live aura.

> Anna Fogel: Breeze

One of my all-time favourite emotional yet uplifting vocal ballads.

> Carina T: The End

A strong and intense message delivered as an emotional pop track and video with intense storytelling.

> slowride: trip

A trippy rock road trip blending retro and present elements.

> Vaake: Darling

Emotional and heartfelt as ever. A vocal ballad to feel.

> 4nzek: Catastrophe

Genre-defying musical alchemist 4nzek created an innovative slow-burner blend of different dance styles.

> Atroxity: Gotta Be Me

Atroxity goes pop rock. Wait…whuut? Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true.

> Sigleif: Keep on Killin’

Dark and dense emotional rap tune. You gotta love the dark vibe happening!

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