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Bianca Aristía – Only Wanted You

There’s a signature relaxed emotional vibe connected to the new release of German singer/songwriter Bianca Aristía. From the first seconds on, you are granted this lush synth groove that is backed with a crisp rhythm set and crackling percussion. Once you settled in this exciting R&B scenery, it’s time for the mysterious vocals of Aristía.

Enriched with a dark mysterious undertone, those vocals do their thing with an outstanding determination, telling the story of a hot and cold type of relationship, with one being super committed, and the other just playing around. There’s a certain element added to the sound I’d like to describe as “positive darkness”, which enables the track to build a unique kind of payback vibe. Not the aggressive type though, it’s more of a I-know-my-worth-kind of certainty. This makes the emotional output of the track super effective, and gives you goosebumps in the process.

If you ask me, the musical landscape (especially over here in Germany) lacks such sultry and vivacious grooves lately. As the days get colder here, it’s awesome to fill the room with this warm tropical undertone of ‘Only Wanted You’.

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