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Indelible Scars – Can You Be Sure (Cruel To Be Kind Mix)

You gotta love the dark and gloomy atmosphere that is created by the newest release from Sheffield based project Indelible Scars. The track delivers what I’d like to call “dignified majestic darkness”.

Methodical arpeggiated low synths along a sparkling piano theme build a room in which the vocals are fully at home. The track gains traction and momentum through the dense guitar tracks which are added later during the chorus parts, and the plot is thickened by the storytelling melodies, enriched with vocal one-shots, while the deep and crisp vocals sort of “hover” above the whole scenario.

Atmospheric industrial alt/synthpop tunes like this one are rare to find out there in the musical landscape. Only when a certain blend of single electro and handmade elements happens, the tunes get this signature-styled “OOMPH! glow”. Most of the times this doesn’t really work. Yet this time it did. Indelible Scars managed to make it look so easy and feel so real.

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