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Melody Mortal – WiFi

It’s relentless. It’s brutally honest. It’s harsh. It’s unforgiving. In other words: it’s perfect.

The new release of singer/songwriter Melody Mortal lets the temperature drop instantly. With it’s genre-defying edgy tech-scenario the tune feels odd, somewhat uncomfortable and out-to-kill-someone-ish. You gotta love this atmosphere, because it’s something different for a change. It’s unique, and it’s the signature sound of the outstanding artist known as Melody Mortal. With retro-arpeggiated synth textures along vocal one-shots and pressurized beats, ‘WiFi’ creates a scenario that feels like a logical Blade Runner evolution, handcrafted and adjusted for not-so post-apocalyptic 2021. Loaded with both lush and melodic vocal passages along basic stomping techno beats, the track wants to be different. This tune creates a whole new genre I’d like to call ‘mortal defiance prog pop’.

No wonder this tune leaves a mark once heard. It’s a statement, both lyric- and music-wise, and it rejects genre rules in such a refreshing way that it instantly sticks to your head.

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