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Allison Leah – 24 years down

The new release of singer/songwriter Allison Leah does impress with an intense emotional honesty. With a warm and understanding backing, and soft vocals that connect instantly with the listener, the track tells its story with what I’d like to call a signature positive melancholy.

The main theme of “24 years down” feels like it was taken out of a box of memories that was hiding in a drawer for years. Written for anyone in their mid-20s who might be figuring out where they belong, this tune tells its story in a very calm and careful way. Those are rather single memories passing by, the tune offers a trip down memory lane, while one might wonder how to let the story called “life” continue. In the end, it’s this relatable core that draws me to this song. Leah knows exactly how to connect to the listener with her unique soft voice and a heartfelt theme that feels mature and well-aged through its basic honesty.

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