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Jean Mar, Makaya – Everything to Nothing

The new release of Bulgarian multitalent Jean Mar and his partner in crime Makaya knows how to transmit energy not through brute force, but through emotional tension, and a very expressive video.

You gotta love the slow and methodical base of “Everything to Nothing”. With this melodic and almost timestopping groove, the track creates a very special surrounding that feels almost minimal, when it’s clearly not. The base construct revolves around the emotion and passion of the vocals, which are nothing less than a stunning duet of pure feelings. Both of the vocals have this wise and war-proven flavor attached, as if they are telling the story of the song right out of their own experience. You gotta love the authenticity that is created through this vibe. The video coming along the track is the icing on the cake, putting a perfect emphasis on the emotional theme. The visuals are really outstanding regarding lighting and shadow effects, underlining all the positive and negative emotions happening in this song.

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