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JUNO17 – Reparieren

This track, taken from the album “Wahrheit”, does impress with an unexpected driven intensity both music- and feeling-wise.

The addictive energy transmitted from this song circles around the main question of the track: “Can someone please fix me?” And this question is asked with a well-rounded mix of distinct rock vocals, energetic guitars, a driving drum section, and several extra elements that lift the tune into the new millenium.

What I love most about this track is the emotional drive. Throughout the whole song the vibe changes between desperation, vulnerability, despair, and motivation. And it’s this unique mix of feelings that gives “Reparieren” a signature balance which isn’t found very often out there in the industry, particularily in the rock sector. The guys of JUNO17 know exactly what to do to transmit this intense mix of rock and feel.

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