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Luis Paul – Miracles

The new release of german composer Ludwig Paul Karsch aka Luis Paul contains a signature warmth that instantly fills the room with positive emotions. For me, this song feels a lot like looking at an old photo book of my family. There are a lot of memories connected to the melodies, there are a lot of emotions involved.

What I like the most about this tune is the way how emotions is transmitted through the lightweight and playful melodies. Although they are positive, they are not too playful or happy, but bring exactly the right amount of weight and seriousness along. If mood was measured like an eq band, “Miracles” would be the upper-mid band. And this gives the track a somewhat “majestic” shimmer.

Being about about the small and big miracles that we experience every day, this song shows in an incredible defensive and caressing way that we should have a closer look at those miracles every now and then. While some are so small that they fly by like a feather, they might easily get missed, yet in these challenging times we need to acknowledge those as well. They remind us that not everything is bad out there.

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