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Max Feinstein – Borderlines

Let me start with the description I got along this track that sums up what this song is about in a nutshell: “…the hazy rock bottom of rage and neglect and the helplessness and inescapable feeling of rage and disease coupled with the effort to break inertia as one draws their own lines and determines their own trajectory out of this place.”

This is pretty accurate in my opinion. What starts with a restless oldschool familiar rocking vibe, breaks down during the song’s progression. With those almost psychedelic and partly chaotic passages happening in the track along the expressive vocals, ranging from beaten down to in-your-face back and fourth, the song makes no secret about the fact that it has to tell a story made of raw emotions, of struggles, desperation, despair, optimistic and pessimistic feelings, and this dominant drive and restless texture.

“Borderlines” is really effective regarding transmitting intense emotions and thoughts. Feinstein does not play a role here, from what I can hear, this is a piece of the puzzle that he is. This honesty cannot be staged, this outbursts of passion and feelings are real. This track is a part of the essence of Feinstein.

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