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Lee Cole – Cold

With an almost unreal amount of soul and emotion, Johannesburg based singer/songwriter Lee Cole once again hits the mark with his versatile ballad “Cold”. What starts as a minimal vulnerable melancholic ballad, builds an unexpected amount of energy to evolve into a full-blown anthemic soundscape.

This track isn’t just music, it tells a story in a movie-like magnitude. Offering the listener an emotional entrance with a minimal setting of soulful vocals and sophisticated piano melodies, the track crafts a full-blown feelable atmosphere with added strings, choir tracks and comforting deep bass lines. You’ll find yourself in a warm, nurturing world of soft textures and feelings, lifting off to a higher ground that feels free and weightless. “Cold” lets the listener spread his/her wings and fly, you get carried away on those smooth strings. The video coming along the track supports the topic of the tune perfectly. Detailed pictures and thoughtful arranged scenes intensify the moodset that is transmitted through the music.

And that’s why I love this tune. It’s a well-rounded narrative of a chapter in life, and it’s told in a nuanced environment with intriguing vocals that aim for the heart and soul.

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