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Nathaniel Paul – Bitter Melody

The new release of singer/songwriter Nathaniel Paul contains a certain spark that is very hard to describe. Being in constant motion, the track uses a special mixture of lo-fi-ish drums and a playful guitar backing to create a signature self-reflecting scenery for the listener.

In a way, the song paints the picture of a mind that never sleeps. In every other corner there will be movement, you’ll never see everything just stopping. Ever. Maybe this is also what the mind of Nathaniel Paul is all about, with a thousand ideas and a million thoughts circling around them, this is probably once more a glimpse of the essence of him as a musician, like all of his other tracks are.

One thing I learned about the musical multitalent so far is that there’s nothing he won’t try regarding music. The range of tracks is unreal, spanning from hardrock to lullaby you’ll find any genre and nuance in between. It’s a special kind of curiosity that fuels tracks like “Bitter Melody” in my opinion. The singer/songwriter is a master when it comes to reflect what you can see and feel out there in the world. This is true both with what he does as single musician, as well as what he accomplishes with “The Bergamot“. Any track coming from his side serves as a catalyst for the listener to experience life through his eyes.

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