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Red Flower Lake – Flying Dream

The new release of producer duo Abel and Rahimah Wright, better known as Red Flower Lake, is an awesome atmospheric storyteller. Being rich with soft yet dense synth textures and a driving beat construct, ‘Flying Dream’ opens the door to an outworld-ish place where it’s all about this comfortable floating vibe.

While the melodic backing creatures an almost endless canvas that’s filled with a modest and saturated synth base, it’s these enchanting female vocals that give the track this shiny aura of wisdom and knowledge. I love that the vocals are as emotional as they are energetic. We’re not talking pressurized driving energy though, it’s more like a charmismatic energy that feels at it was existing in this scenario since the beginning of time. Done this way, the tune serves both as a relaxing chillwave tune with ambient elements AND a groove-based theme that will make you move while listening to the floating waves of sound.

So, in a way, the track answers the question it does raise in the first place: “how does it feel to feel good?” While exploring the synthscapes with the addictive vocals, the track itself makes the listener feel good because it kind of ‘soaks’ your soul in passionate music.

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