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Ryan and Pony – Start Making Sense

This track feels as truthful as it gets. With handmade honest guitars along steady yet energetic drums, the stage is all set for the vocals. And there’s something attached to both male and female voices of Minneapolis based Ryan Smith and Pony (aka Kathie Hixon-Smith). Hard to put the finger on it, yet the vocals feel slightly retro-flavored, passionate, wise, understanding, fun, serious, adventurous… this list probably could go on for a while. All of these attributes are blended to a cocktail I’d like to call “The Alt-Rocky Pony Ryan” for now. (Seriously, that would go great on any bar’s cocktail list, wouldn’t it?)

I guess it’s this sublime alternative aura that attracts me most in “Start Making Sense”. Reminding me a tiny bit of the Dandy Warhols, the multitalented musicians create their own universe that adds a certain youthful component to the genre. And done as a duo, the music even gets this awesome team-flavor in there. This you-and-me-both styled theme feels adventurous and exciting, but not hyped. Expressive but not pushing. Melodic but not complicated. Long story short: this, guys, is a groove-enhanced cocktail. I’ll have another one, please.

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