Piper Cole – Soul Eyes

There’s something unique attached to the new release of Vancouver musician Piper Cole. If I had to name what it is, I’d say it’s pure honesty, coming directly from the soul’s core.

I gotta be honest for a second: until I heard ‘Soul Eyes’ I didn’t know that it was even possible to mix folk and electro components together. Piper Cole makes it look very natural and easy though. Both the groove based electro parts and the heartfelt vocal and melody parts merge together perfectly, forming that special vibe that feels free, lightweight and thoughtful. This is nothing less than thoughts wandering free, allowing the listener to think about the elementary question: What needs to die today so I can live a little bit more?

And this question is presented in both a crystalline, and a very assertive form. With almost etheral vocals, the track builds a soft atmosphere that is driven by an unobtrusive groove, while filled with life by defensive melodies. You gotta love the calm and pristine concept of this track. With playful melodies along ravishing harmonized vocals, the tune gets a very innocent glow that instantly sticks to your head while making you slightly groove along while listening. This is as much soulfood as it is awesome music.

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