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talker – Sad Chick

The new release of talker is unique in several ways. With a minimal setting that doesn’t want to plese or impress anyone, the track surprises on many levels when it comes to transmitting mood and vibe. The ravishing vocals of of Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Celeste Tauchar are an absolute thing of beauty as standalone, but mixed in this basic and honest setting, the tune feels both melancholic and kickass at the same time. (yes, that IS possible. Didn’t know either.)

The simple melodies along the slow yet pushy rhythm set builds a certain no-shenanigans atmosphere in which the vocals can do their thing without being disturbed by any overloaded backing construct. And when those vocals are harmonized, they get this lightweight almost angelic undertone which results in ‘Sad Chick’ getting a tiara of emotions, if you will.

And that’s what makes this track so remarkable for me, it’s the blend of relaxed and pressurized feelings, of emotional and tranquilized ones, of passionate and cold-blooded ones. You’ll find yourself moving to this unique blend of what the artist herself calls “emo indie rock with glitter all over it”. There you have it. Even the description is awesome.

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