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Spaghetti Eastern Music – Pt.1: Of Sawdust & Seagulls

Seriously, I love handmade music. And when handmade music creates atmospheres that are not from this world, this is where your fantasy is triggered. And this is exactly what this tune of multi-instrumentalist Sal Cataldi does, it opens the door to set your imagination free.

In this track, several guitar tracks are blended into an exciting, almost pulsating atmosphere. The single textures and melodies are existing just to merge into a dense extraterrestrial fauna. Melodies are flying around like butterflies, while this steady heartbeat of life acts as the motor of the tune. Having a very distinct psychedelic undertone, the track wants to be different. It wants to have this extraordinary glow attached.

With the extra effects and detuned passages the created environment shows that it’s friendly, but only as long as you follow the rules. In a way, this tunes feels partly airborne, it lets the listener fly through an atmosphere that can be enjoyed but not controlled by the listener. In the end, it’s this storytelling ability that makes this track and the additional tracks of the single an outstanding piece of work.

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