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Skyelar – Big Town

The new release of Dutch singer/songwriter and producer Jaklien Verham, better known as Skyelar, has an intriguing dark base that is filled by soft synth textures and melancholic guitars. From the first seconds on, there’s this signature-styled pressurized energy feelable which creates an atmosphere that changes seamlessly between relaxed, and very dense and driven scenes. The vocals are really at home in both relaxed and driven parts, because they can easily adapt to both soft and hard parts.

In a way, this tune feels like a walk through the ‘Big Town’. As you pass serveral sceneries and hoods, you’ll find both of the vibes in this town. It can be relentless and unforgiving, yet also it can feel like home, comforting and nursing when possible. I really like that the music feels so familiar to what you’ll encounter in the world out there. The picture this track draws has a very organic and almost retro-flavored undertone, which makes the city vibe and life happening there very feelable. You gotta love the ability of the melodies along the vocals to tell the story in such a detailed manner.

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