Arlo – Jugular

With an uplifting and emotional approach, the new song “Jugular” of London based singer/songwriter Arlo is the perfect tune to close your eyes to at the end of the day. Headphones on, volume up  and eyes closed, folks.

The song transmits a special kind of atmosphere. With the reverbed piano along a very soft and defensive rhythm that happens just at the right places, the stage is set for those awesome vocals to shine. Arlo manages to pack an awesome blend of vibe in there, you’ll find the fragile, broken and sad vibe as well as the uplifting, strong and determined vibe. Somehow the singer manages to put an exclamation mark behind every lyrical statement in the song. With a talent like that, you don’t need much more than a minimal musical backing, and you’re going to make heads turn almost guaranteed.  The overall mix is a thing of beauty, although it sounds minimal, songs like this aren’t easy to mix, believe me. Besides there are little things happening like those harmony vocals of percussive effects that inject a wide spaced feel in there. All in all, this track is more about feeling than it is about the music. But at the end of the day, great music is always something to feel, right.

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Florian Maier

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