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Sunset Sinners – Always Time for One More Beer

It’s Saturday morning. 10 am. Yet I definetly agree with the tune: it’s always time for one more beer. It’s time to put all of our differences aside, come together and just have a good time with no (or at least few) regrets.

I admit it, I am a hardcore fan of handmade oldschool rock. The genre is just one of the most effective ways to transmit energy, fun, and this special feeling of being alive with no regrets. The new release of the Sunset Sinners proves that my statement is right. You got that oldschool rhythm-driven guitar scenery with kickin’ vocals that instantly create this vibe that makes your head move with a smile on your face. With the added guitar solos, the song develops this well-aged, honest and wise character which is typical for the work of the Sinners. They are here to bring rock back into the musical landscape. Almost every other track of them just belongs on the stage of a roadhouse. And in the end, this is what music is all about, to trigger something in the listeners, right. This band is serious about their message, and it absolutely shows. This, my friends, is the sound of honesty.

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