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Katja Vale – Water Serpents

Helsinki-based singer-songwriter Katja Vale just released this beauty which seems pretty minimalistic at first, yet it’s clearly the opposite. With a very clear and structured approach, the backing creates a calm and very reasonable atmosphere which is determined by the chosen rhythm set, and filled with life by melodies that are just energetic enough to inject the necessary amount of drive to the track to give it this signature-styled curious flavor.

On top of this, you’ll find vocals with very fine nuances from ethereal to confident. Those vocals blend into the created scenario perfectly, because they add the human factor to this partly cold and analytic setting. I love that ‘Water Serpents’ transmits this unique chilled flavor. With a very structured approach, the effect is maximised by the ways of expression of every single element used. Taken from the song’s description, “Water Serpents is not exactly a love song with its paranoid lovers on the brink of falling in love – or total annihilation.” I think the feelings woven into the scenario with both the harsh/cold elements and the emotional melodies picture exactly this balancing act, not only through the lyrics but also the music.

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