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Loviet – Picture

The new release of Canadian singer/songwriter Loviet reaches out for emotion on several levels. With a soft synth-based atmosphere, the tune gently transmits a signature-styled melancholy that keeps a bright aura at all times, while the rhythmic set carefully adds energy and drive to the scene. What feels half-awaken at times is rather the subconcious mindset that lies in all of us. With this special Loviet moodset, the track gets this ultra-relatable moody vibe to connect to.

And then there’s the one-shot video to ‘Picture’. This is an absolute thing of beauty, it feels like a thought in the mind of the artist. It grants a brief glimpse of all the emotion, the restless rushing thoughts, stumbling and trying to make sense of it. The impressions leave enough room for interpretation, while the song sets the tone for a beautifully crafted songtrack. We’re not talking shallow one-hit-wonder pop here, folks. This is a track of intense emotion and feeling.

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