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Dani Rosenoer – The Big Mistake

This, folks, is synth intensity at its best. This tune stands out with sharp vocals and a gritty but clean synth environment. Taken from the newly released album ‘D-Sides and Darkjams’, this tune knows how to leave a mark.

But it doesn’t do that with brute force or a huge atmosphere. There’s a very sophisticated red line drawn through the song which reflects a signature intense energy. Realized by the direct and vivid vocals, the tune gets sort of a ‘driven’ vibe that is garnered with bubbly and almost playful synth melodic one-shots. Done in this unqiue way, the track feels a tiny bit like the soundtrack of level three of your life. With at parts an almost chiptune-ish undertone, the track contains a special element I’d like to call ‘motivated pressure’. This tune keeps you on the run, but without adding too much darkness or negative emotions.

Long story short, you gotta love the mix of electro and handmade, of energetic and playful elements, of whispering defensive elements along genuine direct statements, of questions and answers. This is rock that is undergoing an evolutionary process.

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