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Definitely Not Aliens – Your Everywhere

With a very human made groove, the new release of Canadian band Definitely Not Aliens brings a signature lush energy to your day.

I cannot exactly agree with how the guys of the band describe themselves. Stating that they “make extremely normal music” is a huge understatement. This track is proof that I’m right. With a groove-soaked extraordinary bass line, and a rhythm that might almost not be from this planet, the track fills the room with a retro-flavored funky atmosphere that makes you move. The vocals are blending perfectly with the vintage synths to feel slick and as sweet as the sugar in your morning coffee.

What I really love about this tune that it doesn’t sell you anything it’s not living up to. The track just does its thing, being very effective doing so. While I’m sitting at my desk, I create typos every other second because this tune just makes me move whether I like it or not. The drum patterns, the rap-ish vocal break parts, the lush melodic harmonized and later on even masterfully chopped chorus parts along what I’d like to call “flyby percussion” – every element is spreading this relaxed disco-ish drive. Now excuse me, as long as there’s no one watching, I gotta dance a definitely alien-like dance to this earthlings tune.

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