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Paul Weinfield – Take Care of the Silence

Being about about the antidotes to loneliness we find when we actually take time to be alone, this tune by American singer/songwriter Paul Weinfield tells its story in a signature styled soft and calm way. When it comes to building this peaceful protected atmosphere, this tune knows exactly how to do that. Defensive piano patterns shape the form of the song along minimal percussive elements and ambient sound effects. The vocals are an absolute thing of beauty. With a very gentle and understanding approach, they spread their wisdom along almost ethereal female vocal tracks to get ‘Take Care of the Silence’ this peaceful positive attitude.

And that’s what attracts me most here, it’s the inner peace the track contains. The calm and relaxed positive nature of the tune. In a world that gets more complex and hectic every day, this tune tells us how to keep an eye on what’s important. In a way, this track is a manual on how to focus, how to step on the breaks and breathe.

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