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James Ollier – Free

This track of British singer-songwriter James Ollier has an appearance like a travel log book for me. From the beginning on, the tune feels as it it was searching for something. Being in constant motion, it stays on a journey. And within this journey, the musical landscape fully changes, as if the tune was entering different atmospheres on its way. What starts shy and defensive, evolves into a self-aware and confident rocking piece that feels full of positivity while keeping this signature shy aura from the beginning. This is mainly because of the melodic concept of the tune and the emotional and protective core of the vocals.

And that’s why I love this tune. I can relate to it. This feels like a track taken off the soundtrack of my life. I’m not the most extrovert guy in the room. Yet being defensive and rather shy, I do know when the time is right to change. In ‘Free’, the guitars that merge with the energetic rhythmic backing added in the second half just feel right. Perfect time, perfect place. As if it was natural for the song to grow into something bigger and better without forgetting where it came from. This tune is able to tell not only a story, but it tells about a living and breathing process.

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