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KrizRok – Goodbye

The new release of german multitalent KrizRok once again delivers when it comes to emotional energy. We’re not talking melancholy here though. ‘Goodbye’ contains an optimistic moodset with a twist I hear only from the big ones out there (similar to what you’ll hear from e. g. Sunrise Avenue).

You gotta love the crisp and clear approach of this tune. What starts defensive in a minimal environment, shows the full capacity of the track during the transformation from a rather ‘shy’ tune into an energetic, uplifting driver. With a classic guitar backing and these signature styled relatable vocals which bring a certain ‘understanding’ element along, the track holds a perfect balance between acknowleding the life-long battle of giving up bad habits and the positive aspects that can emerge from these situations. With what I’d like to call ‘smiling wisdom’, KrizRok once again transmits not only music with a groove, but also content with a meaning. And the best part about that is the tune’s versatility. It can be played as a sing-along in the car, and it also will lift you off the ground when times are rough.

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