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Uh, this one’s cold. Mighty and ice-cold. You gotta love this fat, distorted base in which the tune creates its foundation. Flanked by a smacking beat, the track sets sail with a signature grungy driving undertone that serves as a perfect base for the expressive and distinct vocals. The mixture of darkish-unforgiving melodic elements on one hand and soft textures and high-pitched crystalline vocals on the other feels really unique.

Wes Geer, Matt Bartosch, Clinton Calton and Scott Underwood, better known as HU3M3N, created an intense tune here. The latest release of the band opens a door to an oddworld-ish atmospheric surrounding, and you gotta love the semi-threatening place that’s presented to the listener. What really caught my attention was the vocals and their ability to switch seamlessly between desperate, evil, fragile, confident, and even fun. There’s a whole mood palette span happening in “3DGING” not only vocal-wise, but also regarding the backing, and this gives the tune a somewhat majestic theatrical vibe. This is music to feel, not to just listen to.

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