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Claire Bigley – Souljourn

This one is coming from the heart. You just can feel it in the way the tune was created.

The lastest release of Claire Bigley carefully introduces the listener to an extraordinary scenery. The atmosphere is enriched with a rainy vibe that sets the tone for “Souljourn”. Along stringy synths, there’s a honest and real atmosphere created that feels as innocent and newborn as it gets. Throughout the whole track this atmosphere starts to bloom like a shy flower that is finally ready to awaken after a long hiatus. The atmosphere evolves and is filled not with extra tracks and element, but with soul and passion.

I love that the song is most effective by how the emotions are transmitted. This is something to close your eyes to. It’s most effective when you stop doing what you are doing, when you are giving the tune room to breathe, and when you reach out for the feeling and wisdom that is offered. The song tells its story in the most calm and serene way possible, and it lets the listener float in a scenery full of peace and tranquility. For me, it also sets the tone for a new beginning. Like rain that is washing away whatever dust may have settled, this track cleans your mind for a new beginning.

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