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RasgaRasga – ROJA

This one is unique, folks. With an almost hypnotic approach that is blended seamlessly with instrumentals and vocals on fire, the new release of german project RasgaRasga knows how to raise eyebrows out there.

Let’s have a look at the stats here, shall we. Six musicians, twelve instruments, and four available languages. This already sounds like the perfect recipe for outstanding music, doesn’t it? With a seamless blend of several melodic styles in a genre-fluid environment, the guys take you on a journey through energy, melancholy, drive and positivity. And this cocktail of vibes and styles doesn’t sound confusing at any time. With “Roja”, everything just falls in place. The single instruments and elements are connected with a superior glue called ‘chemistry’. You gotta love that there are several cultural influences blended into a total new hybrid of sound I’d like to call “Rasgaton”. Driving rhytmics along sweet pouring wind instrumentals and vocals that leave you unable to resist. The track tells its story in a very direct and energetic way, and it does so not only through the visuals, but also through the ability to focus on single elements. Seriously, this tune makes me want to walk through the office chanting in this deep hypnotic voice as well as it does me want to learn the trumpet. This sound is addictive, and it leaves a mark once heard.

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