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Sheri Miller – Gold Hearted Man

The new release of American singer/songwriter Sheri Miller contains a special ingredient. And I am pretty sure this ingredient is so new that the world out there hasn’t got a name for it yet. Let’s call it the ‘Miller seed’ (latin: Milleria irresitiae) for now, shall we.

With an energetic base, the track offers nothing less than an authentic confident and assertive anthem. With vocals that can switch seamlessly between soft, sassy, and in-your-face, and a relaxed but driving backing with an almost wild western-styled twist, the story is told in a unique manner. Can you feel the tension that’s happening in there? That’s the Miller seed I talked about earlier. It’s this perfect interaction between the guitar and the vocals that makes ‘Gold Hearted Man’ so irresistible. The track has everything it needs to be a success out there. There’s a story, there’s drive, groove and passion. And the jaw-dropping performance of Miller is the icing on the cake. Overall, this tune leaves a mark once heard. Yet this is not done by brute force, it’s the captivating style in which the track delivers.

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