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Jens – Awkward

After a hard day, best thing that I could possibly do was listen to the new release of Norwegian artist Jens, who brightened my day with a lightweight electro pop tune with a special flair.

With a certain lightweight attitude, the track transmits a huge amount of “so-what”-attitude while injecting some groove into your ears with a playful beat and a great combination of electro synth elements along guitar-ish chords and some good-old “oh-oooh” one shots. This got me dancing (well, sort of… I dance like a pregnant manatee, I should add) towards the fridge while getting something to drink, humming along the vocals. Plus I also  was caught by my six-year old daughter, telling me to “please don’t sing along, daddy”. With the vocal range of Jens, I didn’t even try. He can sing quite the impressive range.

“Awkward” is fun, energetic and somewhat not-so-brutally honest, and I love that in this song. It’s like a joker amongst the contemplative songs out there. Music has this wonderful ability to change your mood depending on what theme it plays. There are tracks for any mood setting, and Jens just filled the niche of “in the mood for being a little awkward”.

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