Asterous – Mercenary

Check out this intensity! I really was blown away by the atmosphere of the new release of Canadian alternative rock duo Asterous. From the first seconds on, the song creates this dark, intense setting loaded with a grim-reaper-ish vibe that lets you know that this won’t be anything close to a happy song. Where synth textures meet soundscaping one-shots and a methodical slow beat, you’ll find vocals both energetic and captivating, telling their story in a melodic and ultra-effective way. When the harmonies are happening, and with the whisper parts, these vocals get a siren-ish irresistible glow, which is perfect for the song to not get too melancholic or slow.

I love the fact that the tune changes texture through shifting the focus from melodic backing to vocals back and fourth, keeping the song in constant motion while not favoring any specific scenario. Think of visiting an art exhibit. You’re there for the art, right? Yet you move through all the rooms, encountering different works as you go. In a way, listening to ‘Mercenary’ feels like going through several ‘rooms’ filled with emotions and passion-loaded atmospheres. Music is meant to build wholesome atmospheric stories, and that’s exactly what this tune does.

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