Thin Line Men – Rhyme or Reason

Need something to get you in shape for the next week? Your search is over. The new release of Thin Line Men is exactly what you need.

With a incredible amount of drive and rockin’ vibe, this track shifts gears and sets you to operating mode instantly. For me, it’s one of these anthemic tunes that lift you up from the ground when you’re down, dust you off and give you a friendly pat on the back. With energetic guitars along a pushy rhythm set, and an awesome blend of harmonica, “Rhyme or Reason” feels authentic and honest. This isn’t just rock, it’s a signature blend I’d like to put in a new genre called “Thin Line rock”. It’s where this high noon feel meets the ‘this is it” moment. These elements combined create a drive that builds up momentum to a certain boiling point that makes you nod your head with a smile no matter where you are right now. So bring it on, new week. Give me all you got.

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Florian Maier

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