Hannah Connolly – From Where You Are

One word: goosebumps. Get ready to feel this track with an intensity you wouldn’t expect by just putting headphones on.

In the process of coping with the loss of her brother, Arizona based Hannah Connolly found music as one of her vents to deal with her emotions, and hearing this track for the first time, it really moved me. (and you know me, that doesn’t happen too often.) Sometimes tracks are fun, sometimes tracks are intense – and then there are these rare artists who just give you their heart and soul within seconds. Artists like Hannah Connolly.

Backed by a guitar and thoughtful placed soft atmospheric elements, Connolly invites you into her fragile world full of emotion, passion and feelings. The vocals are done so soft you actually feel the music rather than just hearing it. The vocal harmonies add a huge amount of melancholy to the scenery, leaving me just listening, not knowing what to write exactly. Some tracks are not in need of any description, and this is one of those songs, guys. The young singer/songwriter gained in this one song what other artist chase their whole career – credibility.

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